A Flying Radio Controlled Representation of the Star Trek Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-A

The space craft that have been featured in the many different Star Trek television programs and movies have captured the imagination of the many fans of those science fiction stories. Probably the best known of all the space craft used in the Star Trek stories is the Enterprise. For the people who like to build model airplanes the Enterprise models have inspired a number of flying model Enterprise representations.

What is presented here is an electric powered flying representation of the Enterprise. The models of starship Enterprise used to film the television shows and movies of Star Trek went through a variety of configuration changes. The version represented by this plan package is NCC-1701-A as it appeared in the movie "The Voyage Home". The concept for the overall layout of this model was developed by Michael Blott and was first published in December 2001 in the now out of print RC Micro Flight magazine. Michael has given me permission to re-draw his original plan. The original plan from Michael used 3/4" construction foam as the main building material. It also called for a brushed Speed 400 electric motor and a 7 or 8 cell nicad or nimh battery pack. The plan package presented here uses 3 mm sheet foam, a low cost 60+ watt brushless outrunner electric motor, and a three cell Lipo battery pack. The model has also been set up to use ink jet printed tissue graphics as the finish.

To make sure the plan package can be printed on all generally available printers it has been set up to print on 8 1/2 by 14 inch sheets of paper (U.S. Legal Size). The plan package includes an illustrated assembly guide, full size part templates, and graphics for printing on white tissue paper. The model built from this plan package has a 20 inch diameter disk, an overall width of 24", and is 35 inches in overall length. Two different arrangements are presented for the motor installation in the form of a pusher or tractor propeller. The tractor arrangement is lighter while the pusher layout looks better when the model is in flight. Depending on the motor arrangement selected, the completed model will have a flying weight in the range of 14 to 17 ounces. The total flying surface area is 515 square inches.

While the model presented here is far from a true scale model of the models used in the Star Trek productions, its shape is unmistakable in flight. It is sure to get plenty of comments at your local flying field. If you build a Enterprise from this plan package I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the ones I have built. It is important to note that you should have any print scaling (print to fit printer margins for example) turned off when printing the content of the provided Adobe PDF file. Click here to download (1.03 mb)


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