LO 'N SLO Autogyro Conversion Package

Design by Bill Welle

Designed by Bill Welle, the Lo 'N Slo  is a great small field slow flying RC model that uses foam board as the main building material. Bill has developed an autogyro conversion package for the model. It simply replaces the wing. Chaging the configuration from a fixed wing model to an autogyro is simply a matter of removing the hold down rubber bands, removing the current lifting surface, and then rubber banding down the flying surface you want to use for a given flight. Much of the autogyro conversion uses the same foam board as the basic Low 'N Slow. This is a great material for model airplanes. It is relatively low in cost, light weight, easy to work with, and has a nice smooth paper surface that is easy to decorate. It can be purchased where office supplies are sold as well as many discount stores. Typical sheet size is 30" x 20". The very best foam board for model airplanes is Readi-Board by RL Adams Plastics. It is sold by Dollar Tree. This is the very best foam board for use with the Lo 'N Slo as it is lighter than other foam board brands. If you do not have a Dollar Tree in your area, Readi-Board can be purchased on line from the Dollar Tree web site at dollartree.com.

Presented here are the full size part templates (multiple printed sheets taped together where needed), and an illustrated assembly guide. All of the downloadable documents are in the Adobe PDF file format. The part template package should not use any print scaling. When printing the part template package be sure Actual Size is selected for print scaling. The part template package has been set up to print on 8 1/2 by 14 inch sheets of paper (U.S. Legal Size). The assembly manual is set up to print on U.S. letter size sheets (8.5" x 11").

Click on the following links for the files associated with the Lo 'N Slo:

Part Templates (176 kb)

Assembly Guide (514 kb)


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