CAD Drawings by Carl Hock

In 1961 Grid Leaks published a 1/2A single channel radio control model design called the Septallete. This model has a lot of character and was also a good flying model airplane in its day. Carl Hock has gone back in time to pull this very nice design into the current day. Not only has he taken the time to redraw the original glow powered model using CAD, he has also provided a version of the model design for electric power. He built examples of both models from his CAD drawn plans. I can tell you after watching them at SMALL 2012 they fly really well.

To make sure the plan  and parts packages can be printed on all generally available printers they has been set up to print on 8 1/2 by 14 inch sheets of paper (U.S. Legal Size). The full size plan is created by taping together the individual printed sheets. The part packages also include photos of Carl's models under construction to aid anyone building models from his plan packages. It is important to note that you should have any print scaling (print to fit printer margins for example) turned off when printing the content of the provided Adobe PDF file. Click here to download the glow powered plan(282 kb), click here to download the glow powered part templates(4.2 mb), click here for the electric powered plan (268 kb), click here for the electric powered part templates (4.9 mb)


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