The Termite

A small field motor glider by Ralph Bradley

Termite being held          Termite Plan        Termite being launched

This model was designed in the when the Astro Flite brushless 010 motor was introduced. At that time the motor represented the small end of the electric brushless motor world. Since that time man more smaller brushless motors have become available. The Termite still represents a nice flying small field motor glider. The plan presented here can be modified to use any of the small brushless motors and radio equipment currently available.

The plan fits on legal size sheets of paper (8.5" x 14"). The plan has been saved in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). If you do not have the Adobe PDF Reader software, it can be obtained at no cost from the Adobe website at .

I sure hope you get a load of fun from this simple low cost motor glider model. Download (522k)

All drawing not identified as coming from another source copyright 2002-2016, Paul Bradley, All rights reserved

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