Paul and Ralph Bradley's Model Airplane Page

This page is intended to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas with people who share an interest in model aircraft. Paul and Ralph are brothers who have shared a life long interest in model aviation. We live and fly our models in the greater Jackson, Mississippi and Independence, Kentucky (just south of Cincinnati, Ohio) areas.

This site offers some photos of our models along with some general reference material and downloadable plans.

The photos are grouped into general categories associated with flying model aircraft. To view the photos, just select the  the category of interest. Thumbnail's of each photo are contained in the individual category folders. To see a larger version of any one photo, just click on the picture of interest.

As is the case with most web pages of this type, they are often revised so if you find anything of interest, stop by from time to time.


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Ralph's Micro R/C Models

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We always enjoy hearing from others who share our interest in model aviation. You can reach us by selecting the appropriate link.  Paul      Ralph

Last Updated February, 2017