Links to Related Sites

Free Flight Sites

A.A. Lidberg Model Plan Service
BMJR Model Products
Cambells's Custom Kits
Dave Diels Engineering, Inc. - First Class Free Flight kits
Free Flight Fantasies - Thayer Symes Page
MICHAEL J. WOODHOUSE web site - Free Flight Supplies
National Free Flight Society
Mike Stewart's Free Flight Scale site
Ron Williams - Indoor Model Airplanes
Shorty's Basement - Volare Products
Texas Timers - Source for top quality shut-off and DT timers
The Squirrel - A great easy to build rubber powered Free Flight

RC Sites

3D Insider - A Guide to Drone Safety and related topics
AMain Hobbies - Supplier for all aspects of the RC hobby
AstroFlight - Electric Motors
BSD Micro RC - Source for Micro RC  motors, electronics, material, ready to fly models and kits
DEAF - (Dallas Electric Aircraft Flyers) Main Page
DroneyBee - Web site for Multi-Rotor Enthusiasts  
DroneOmega - A site dedicated to the drone flying hobby
FMA Direct
FPV Frenzy - Web site for First Person Video enabled milti-rotor aircraft
Hobby Express - formerly Hobby Lobby International
Hobby People
Kennedy Composites - High Performance Sailplanes Including e-Power
New Creations - Electric Flight Supplier
Pats Custom Models HomePage
Plantraco - Source for Micro Ready to Fly airplanes, electronics and Micro Airplane Kits
RC Airplane World
RC Judge
RC Planes - Buy ready to fly RC airplanes, RC helicopters, RC Toys, and much more
RC Plane Fun
RC Toys
Red's R/C Battery Clinic
Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego
Selecting a Soldering Station
SR Batteries
The E Zone
The Future is Electric

Related General Interest Sites

A description of how to build Beakmanís Electric Motor - a simple electric motor - great for children
A list of links to model airplane sites that provide building and related useful information
A Guide to Recycling Electronics - Living Green
Recycling Resources for Appliances and other Kitchen Items
A list of Recycling references
A way to dispose of unwanted electronic devices
A HomeAdvisor article that contains some useful recycling links
Green Guide for Kids and Adults at Home
 Paper Craft - Origami How To and other interesting paper craft material
Scale Model Aircraft - The Modeler's Aviation Database
Soldering Tutorial


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