A Radio Control Version of the Comet 25" Stinson Reliant SR-7

Presented here is the Comet 25" Stinson Reliant SR-7 as converted to Radio Control.

The model is essentially the same as the Free Flight version provided in the Comet Stick Model section of the plans pages. It has been modified to provide for a functional elevator and rudder along with the installation of a motor and gear drive from the ParkZone Micro P-51. Energy comes from a single 150 mah lipo cell. Total flying weight is 54 grams as shown in the photos.

One feature of the model that may be a bit unusual is the use of a slide out tray that holds all of the radio control equipment along with the motor/gearbox and battery. The slide out tray is held in place with a pair of rare earth magnets. The radio equipment is a Specktrum AR6400 brick system as used in the ParkZone Micro P-51. That system includes two onboard linear servos and an electronic speed control for the motor. The servos on the AR6400 are connected to the control surfaces using magnets.

Provided here is a modified version of the Free Flight Stinson plan package showing the movable control surfaces and the RC equipment installation. The plan includes all of the parts along with some illustrations showing how the RC gear was installed in the model. The CAD drawn plan package is here (7.779mb). The original Comet kit plan here (293 kb). The tissue layouts used for creating the printed tissue on this model can be found here. (147 kb).

You will find a description of the model construction here. There are also two videos of the model in flight. The first was taken while flying the model outdoors late in the day - outdoor video. The second video was taken during the 2010 Keystone Indoor Electric Fly held in Muncy, PA - indoor video.

I do hope that if you decide to build any of these models, you will receive as much enjoyment as I have from my builds of these models.   


Paul Bradley

All plans copyright 2002-2015, Paul Bradley, All rights reserved

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