The Flying Star

By Walter Legan

Beginner catapult gliders for flying indoors and outdoors

Flying Star Outdoor version plan imageFlying Star outdoor versionFlying Star Indoor version plan image

Walter Legan of Orlando, Florida has developed a nice beginner catapult glider design that uses foam plates as the material source for the flying surfaces. Two versions of the model have been developed and are provided here has plan packages. The first version has been designed for outdoor flying. The second version is intended for indoor flying. The common factor of both models is the use of a Hefty brand 9.75 inch square cut-resistant foam plate for the wing. Both versions also use foam tail surfaces that are cut from the center of foam plates that have a thickness of 1.5 mm. Other easy to find materials like craft sticks and bamboo barbecue skewers are also used in the construction of these models. The four page plan packages include the full size part templates and illustrated assembly steps.

Walter has developed a very comprehensive video that covers building and flying the outdoor version of the Flying Star. The video is also a good reference for the indoor version as well. You will find the video here.

Both plan packages fit on 8.5" x 14" sheets of U.S. Legal paper. The plan packages have been saved in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). If you do not have the Adobe PDF Reader software, it can be obtained at no cost from the Adobe website at . When printing the plan packages be sure to have print scaling set to none.

I sure hope you get a load of fun from these simple low cost Free Flight catapult glider models.  The outdoor version can be downloaded by clicking on this link: Flying Star Outdoor Version (212 kb). The Indoor version is found at this link: Flying Star Indoor Version (239 kb).

All drawing not identified as coming from another source copyright 2002-2016, Paul Bradley, All rights reserved

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