Reproductions of the Veron Kwik-Fix all balsa sheet models

The models in this section represent reproductions of the old Veron Kwik-Fix series of pre-decorated all balsa models.

The models shown here along with the plan packages are a best attempt to reproduce the original series in their original form. Each plan package includes a scan of the original kit plan if it was available along with some building notes. All of the plans are in the Adobe PDF format. Each package contains multiple pages that are printed on U.S. legal size paper (8.5" x 14"). A link is provided with each model description to download the associated plan package. WHEN PRINTING MAKE SURE THAT PRINT SCALING HAS BEEN TURNED OFF.

A description of the method I use to print the parts directly on balsa is provided here. Just click on the link.

NOTE - A very good alternative to printing the parts for these models directly on balsa it to use T-shirt iron-on transfer paper. This material comes in 8 1/2" x 11" sheet size and works very well for transferring the drawn parts to balsa. A summary of the process for doing this is covered here. The major advantage of using this process is any printer can be used. To make it a bit easier to use iron-on transfer paper to create the full color parts for these models an alternate parts drawing package is provided. This drawing package has been laid out for 8 1/2" x 11" sheet. A link to the iron-on transfer package is provided in each model section of this page.

I do hope that if you decide to build any of these models, you will receive as much enjoyment as I have from my trip down memory lane.

Paul Bradley

All drawings not identified as coming from another source are copyright 2002-2016, Paul Bradley, All rights reserved

Veron Kwik-Fix Sheet Scale Series

Veron Cessna 182 box art

This is the Cessna 182 Skywagon. The color and markings have been changed from those used in the original kit. The license number used on the kit markings belong to a Cessna 182 with very different markings from those used on the kit box art and the actual kit parts. The markings for this reproduction package use the colors and general layout of the actual aircraft that carries the license number. The actual layout is a hybrid of the real aircraft and the kit box art. The model has a wing span of 23 1/4".

I want to thank Andrew Darby for sending me the material for this reproduction package. The plan package is available here (6.72 mb). Iron-on transfer paper layout letter size package (2.1 mb), A4 size package (2.1 mb).

  If you have access to any of the kits in this old series I would certainly appreciate scans of the kit contents so additional reproduction drawing packages can be created and added to this section of the web site.

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